Meatloaf – winter comfort food

Loved making this, loved eating this πŸ™‚

So simple. Everything in one massive bowl and then mix it all together. I made a lattice weave bacon casing but you don’t have to bother if you don’t want to.

500g beef mince

One onion – diced

One cup of parmesan cheese

One egg

Handful of chopped parsley

One cupful of pork scratching – after measuring, put in a blender and blitz

Black Pepper

Teaspoon of garlic salt

(Streaky bacon – optional)

Place everything in a bowl and mix.

Now, if you want to, lay out the bacon in a lattice

Now place the combined mix in the middle of the bacon and fold the bacon around the mix.

Once completed (and seriously only takes 5 minutes max) place upside down (bacon edges on the bottom) in a baking tin ready to cook in a hot oven for 40 mins (around 180 keeping an eye that it doesn’t burn).

After approx 40 minutes, take it out, let it rest for 5 minutes and then serve. You could also serve a tomato or bbq sauce as a topping if you prefer.

We opted for cauliflower cheese and steamed shredded brussels and kale.

4 thoughts on “Meatloaf – winter comfort food

    1. Lol. It’s a British thing πŸ˜‰ they sound disgusting but I promise they are delicious. They are basically the pork fat that has been cooked until very crispy (we eat three here as a snack!!). But, although high in fat, have very little carbs so work for me as a breadcrumb substitute – glad you asked now aren’t you πŸ˜‰ x

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